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Retro Netdecking

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on June 3, 2008 by maidstonedemon

I’ve been kind of stuck for time recently, therefore pretty much unable to Blog, design decks, playtest, in fact apart from our weekly event I’ve done absolutely nothing versus wise.

However what I have been doing is going all retro. With literally minutes to spare before our weekly events I’ve netdecked old classics to play in our Golden events. Although these decks were strong when they were ev vogue, there a little outmoded now to compete in a serious GA event, but in our casual get togethers they do just fine. They also provide an insight to our players to some really cool cards they’ve may have missed due to the fact they’ve all been playing less than a year. This isn’t to say they haven’t got these cards, they may just have been overlooked.

First up, as mentioned in my previous Blog was I’m back Poozers, which introduced a number of players to the little gem that is Cover Fire. Big attacks, down curve, on turns 5 and 6 were thwarted with this card, in the two events in which it saw light of day. I’m sure some of the players will now return the favour in creations they make in the future.

Second up was Paul Races’ Deadly Tactics which posted a top 8 finish in the 10K Bognor Regis. In that particular event I had the misfortune of playing against that deck in round 4. At the time I hadn’t encontered it before and was quite pleased to be receiving cards from his Win-Lose Deals, especially as I was playing GK/SF, a deck reliant on negation and then discarding to Spidey on 7. This obviously was turned upside down on turn 6 when he called Fizzle with a Null Time Zone and after some shannanigans swung for 144 with Melissa. The deck fared well, although I did lose a great game to Amy in round 2. 
I’m pretty sure that I’ll see Team Tactics in opposing lists in the future, especially being as none of my opponents had seen it before, yet were hellishly impressed by its effect.

Next up was this weeks event, where I ran Gary’s League of Assassins deck from his Quintessentially Quiky article which can be found here. Managing a 4-0 record the deck proved somewhat effective. Dual Nature and Tower of Babel proving the stars of the day, especially against Thunderbolts and Kree.

I feel a little guilty taking decks to an event that I’ve not created myself. However they aren’t overpowered, are most definitely fun to play and hopefully have provided the guys with food for thought for future decks. Next week I’m digging out one of my old favourites Bats and Spiders.   

I’m Back, Poozers!

Posted in Tournament Reports with tags , , on May 21, 2008 by maidstonedemon

To say that my Blog has been somewhat neglected recently would be somewhat of an understatement. So the heading is somewhat apt for that reason but also because the addition of the DCX card was the main change in my GLC deck from the version played at the UK Nationals.

Traditionally our GDI (Grinning Demon Invitational) events are Golden Age events with the unwritten rule of no broken decks allowed. However this week, just to mix things up, we had settled on running a Golden Age Random Punks event, akin to the one held in Luton over the weekend. To be honest, this meant very few changes for my GLC deck as it was only Oa, Sinestro (6), Two-Face and Anti-Monitor that were lost so I concentrated on the off-curve aspect of the deck, changed out helping hands for Cover Fire’s and Guardians Reborn for the excellent Welcome Back Poozers. My eventual decklist looked like this……

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Quintessentially Quirky – When Worlds Collide

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Quintessentially Quirky – When Worlds Collide      


Back in November, the UK had a series of Silver Age Elite Series tournaments dotted around the country. Myself and fellow London based VS enthusiast Amit (aka Amitverse on various forums) decided that the opportunity to play in some official tournaments was too good to pass up and vowed to attend as many as possible. An endeavour aided by the fact that they were all scheduled for different days across a 3 week period. There were 5 to attend, and I really wanted to test a selection of the decks that I had been toying with over the previous months.So I started making up a list of the decks I wanted to use. At the first one, I went with a Villains United team up version of the Jugg/Mags deck I used at the recent UK Nationals. It bombed slightly and I finished with a 2-2 record and 4th place out of 5.


However, my love of Juggernaught had been re-affirmed. So when we were heading to Sheffield for the next tournament I knew I wanted to use the big guy again. As it was a Silver age Legend format, I also wanted to feature my favourite DC legend Darkseid. When I realised that they both wanted to break people’s resources I decided that it was something worth looking at. So I present to you the big two.

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UK Nationals – The Other Decklists

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Decklists for those not making top 8

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Quintessentially Quirky – The Helmets Take Manhatten

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Heres Garys tournament report from the UK Nationals along with his deck analysis of his BYOS Legend deck:

Quintessentially Quirky – The Helmets take Manhattan


(Well, London… and less take and more visit and get some photos….)


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Unofficial UK Nationals – Standings

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Rank Player
1  Felix Hughes
2  Connor Phoenix
3  Josh Ralls
4  Roy Raftery
5  Josh Lockyear
6  Ben Waghorn
7  David Pyrah
8  Christian Dunn
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Thursday Thirteen – Why the GLC?

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OK, the Nationals are tomorrow and I’ve plumped for a GLC build incorporating cards from the DGL set. Why have I plumped for a deck that Tommy Ashton rates as tier 4 for the format….well here’s thirteen reasons why. Continue reading