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UK Nationals – The Other Decklists

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Decklists for those not making top 8

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Quintessentially Quirky – The Helmets Take Manhatten

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Heres Garys tournament report from the UK Nationals along with his deck analysis of his BYOS Legend deck:

Quintessentially Quirky – The Helmets take Manhattan


(Well, London… and less take and more visit and get some photos….)


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Unofficial UK Nationals – Standings

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Rank Player
1  Felix Hughes
2  Connor Phoenix
3  Josh Ralls
4  Roy Raftery
5  Josh Lockyear
6  Ben Waghorn
7  David Pyrah
8  Christian Dunn
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Thursday Thirteen – Why the GLC?

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OK, the Nationals are tomorrow and I’ve plumped for a GLC build incorporating cards from the DGL set. Why have I plumped for a deck that Tommy Ashton rates as tier 4 for the format….well here’s thirteen reasons why. Continue reading

UK Nationals 2008

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Back in September this was just a bit of a pipe dream.

As a Vs. player and ex MtG player I have always been envious of MtG’s OP support. My particular favourite was the County (State in the US) Champs and National Champs. I voiced this opinion in September and now here we are with confirmed dates, venues and prizes, a voted on format and a host of pre-regs already.

5th April
County Hotel, Woburn Place, London, nr Euston Station
11.00 doors for a 12.00 start
Entry £5
Format: Constructed (BYOS), Swiss pairing cutting to a top 8 draft (either DWF or MTU as both make for better drafting than the two legends sets)
Prizes: Dr.Doom Trophy, Customized Playmat, 4 x UDE Hulk trophies, asst EA’s, boosters.

BYOS (Bring your own set) was voted for primarily because it allows an entry from guys coming back to the game after a hiatus in the doldrum days of post MAV. This was when we lost OP in Europe and things have only recently begun to recover, largely due to passionate TO’s. BYOS  will also reduce the number of ‘broken’ decks, thus levelling the playing field a tad.

Although I’ve organised this from the start I’d like to give a special mention to the following people and extend thanks to them for helping this become a reality.
Jason Howlett (TO at the Games Club, London),  for providing us with a venue.
Steve ‘Kamiza’ Garrett, for raising the profile of Vs in the UK
Ray and Rob (Upper Deck OP guys), for getting as much prize support for us, whilst staying within their company guidelines.
Alec, Bungo Underhill, Lord of Limbo for maintaining a UK presence on the various VS forums.
All the UK TO’s who have persevered in the face of a total lack of support 
Holly Humphrey for agreeing to act as cameraman for the day so we can film all the goings on.

I’m totally stoked about this event.
Will be even more stoked if we can hit 50 entrants, so lets make that happen