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Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow, pt1 (UK Nationals Tourney Report)

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The above title pretty much sums up the UK Nationals. It started off as a casual statement along the lines of, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to have a National Championship like they have on the MtG scene’, then it was thirty or so people, a venue and a handful of prizes provided by myself, Steve Garrett and Jason Howlett (trophy, playmat and EA bundle respectively). Finally with only a couple of days to go before the tourney we had a hatful of great surprises.

1)      Registration reached 49 people

2)      UDE Europe came up trumps with 25 T-Shirts, 16 Playmats, Hulk Trophies and more EA’s

3)      UDE’s Ben Seck informs us that the top 8 finishers will all receive invites to the World Championships


Here is an account of the event from the perspective of the guys and gals of Team Demon.

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Maidstone Monthly – Tournament Report pt 2

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After a noticeably long absence from the Blog, I’m back to finish off this tournament report and hopefully, if time permits, put up the decklists as well. Continue reading

All Monkeys are French, pt2

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Game 3:
Nathan Greenwood (Future Pro) playing Masters of Evil Swarm
First up this game feature needs me to say a little something about Nathan. Nathan is, to the best of my knowledge only 13 years of age yet is one of the top Yugioh! players within the county of Kent, and current leader of the Maidstone Yugioh! player of the year race. However, Nathans biggest problem when it comes to Vs. is himself. I genuinely thinks he expects to translate the same sort of success into this game straight away. Despite only having played in three tournaments to date using decks that cost under £10 ($21) he has placed mid table in each of the events he has played in, no small feat. He also has a good grasp of the rules although not as of yet all the nuances of timing, formation and the like.  What he doesn’t have though is any confdence. He was bemoaning his deck, playing ability and drawing as early as turn 2 and by turn 3 was concvinced that defeat was already secured. This is a real shame because he could become a really decent player with just a little belief. It didn’t help that he missed drops whereas I curved perfectly. The game wasn’t close at any point despte the scores finishing -7 to 11.

Game 4:
Ben Waghorn (No Problem) playing JLA/JLI Good Guys
This was a matchup that I wasn’t looking forward to, not because my deck would particularly struggle in it but because my personal record against Good Guys was about 1-6! However my fears were unfounded as curved perfectly again, whereas Ben went nothing, Maxwell, nothing, nothing, Batman (on which I played Coup D’Etat), another 5 drop (again Coup D’Etat). Final Scores -16 to 38 (9 of which was me reusing Black Manta)

My tiebreaks at this point were dependant on a game between James Warrener and David Moakes. If David won I would bag 2nd place if James won Amy (also 3-1) would secure 2nd. Fortunately for me David’s X-Men were able to fight their way past James’ X-Men. Jack won the tournament going 4-0

What did I learn from the day.

1) The deck isn’t as bad as I thought against off curve
2) I need to ask Dan Abnett to make Nova a bit shittier in the comics so future cards aren’t as good. Dan (Warhammer novels, Sinister Dexter, Superman Confidential, Nova, Annihilation Conquest, soon to be on The Authority) is a regular in our shop.
3) I love stealing characters, making them ‘My Monkeys’
4) The deck will do just fine in Silver Age, though I’ll run 3 copies of Anarchy in that.
5) Some games even initiaive may be a better call, playing the Monkey see earlier. I’ve been taking odds up till now whenever possible.
6) This will be my deck for the upcoming Silver Age City Champs in London (16th February)

After the main event five of us played in a side event with three of us changing deck. I went 2-1 with one of my wins coming via the bye. Piloting An old school My Beloved deck I should have won my first match, ‘forgetting’ to play Tower of Babel allowing my opponent, David, now running IG Handfill, to hit me up for a lot with 2 All Too Easy’s. Amy won the event, going 3-0 with her Avengers Reservist, David (2-1) was second, with me in third (2-1).