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I’m Back, Poozers!

Posted in Tournament Reports with tags , , on May 21, 2008 by maidstonedemon

To say that my Blog has been somewhat neglected recently would be somewhat of an understatement. So the heading is somewhat apt for that reason but also because the addition of the DCX card was the main change in my GLC deck from the version played at the UK Nationals.

Traditionally our GDI (Grinning Demon Invitational) events are Golden Age events with the unwritten rule of no broken decks allowed. However this week, just to mix things up, we had settled on running a Golden Age Random Punks event, akin to the one held in Luton over the weekend. To be honest, this meant very few changes for my GLC deck as it was only Oa, Sinestro (6), Two-Face and Anti-Monitor that were lost so I concentrated on the off-curve aspect of the deck, changed out helping hands for Cover Fire’s and Guardians Reborn for the excellent Welcome Back Poozers. My eventual decklist looked like this……

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I started a joke!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 3, 2008 by maidstonedemon

First up an apology for the lack of posts on this blog over recent weeks. Work and family commitments have pretty much kept me away from Vs and the PC so I’ve not had much to share with anyone anyway.

However just a quick mention about a deck I ran recently at our Maidstone Monthly. Our monthly event is a Golden Age event with a mutual understanding that nobody plays the ‘broken’ netdecks that are kicking around. The week prior to this I had been mucking about with a Joker legend legal deck, running the Hatter/Ivy combo if I got evens or Ivy and Charaxes if I got odds, following this up with an assortment of Jokers and Scarecrows. The deck performed well going 3-0, although two of the opponents were running equally janky decklists.

Having enjoyed playing the deck I decided to modify it for our GA event, and after replacing a number of the cards was happy that it would be competitive although not dominant. What I didn’t account for was the fact that despite 6 search cards I’d miss drops regularly throughout the tournament and finish with my worst performance in 18 months, going 2-2, finishing 7th in a field of 9. Ouch! However on a happy note Cameron, who was well on his way to establishing himself as the worst player in the uk according to the UDE ratings succeeded in bagging 3rd place with a 3-1 record including a win over me in the fourth round.

So as the BeeGees would have sung, “I started a Joke, but the joke was on me!”