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Quintessentially Quirky – When Worlds Collide

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Quintessentially Quirky – When Worlds Collide      


Back in November, the UK had a series of Silver Age Elite Series tournaments dotted around the country. Myself and fellow London based VS enthusiast Amit (aka Amitverse on various forums) decided that the opportunity to play in some official tournaments was too good to pass up and vowed to attend as many as possible. An endeavour aided by the fact that they were all scheduled for different days across a 3 week period. There were 5 to attend, and I really wanted to test a selection of the decks that I had been toying with over the previous months.So I started making up a list of the decks I wanted to use. At the first one, I went with a Villains United team up version of the Jugg/Mags deck I used at the recent UK Nationals. It bombed slightly and I finished with a 2-2 record and 4th place out of 5.


However, my love of Juggernaught had been re-affirmed. So when we were heading to Sheffield for the next tournament I knew I wanted to use the big guy again. As it was a Silver age Legend format, I also wanted to feature my favourite DC legend Darkseid. When I realised that they both wanted to break people’s resources I decided that it was something worth looking at. So I present to you the big two.

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Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow, pt1 (UK Nationals Tourney Report)

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The above title pretty much sums up the UK Nationals. It started off as a casual statement along the lines of, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to have a National Championship like they have on the MtG scene’, then it was thirty or so people, a venue and a handful of prizes provided by myself, Steve Garrett and Jason Howlett (trophy, playmat and EA bundle respectively). Finally with only a couple of days to go before the tourney we had a hatful of great surprises.

1)      Registration reached 49 people

2)      UDE Europe came up trumps with 25 T-Shirts, 16 Playmats, Hulk Trophies and more EA’s

3)      UDE’s Ben Seck informs us that the top 8 finishers will all receive invites to the World Championships


Here is an account of the event from the perspective of the guys and gals of Team Demon.

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UK Nationals – The Other Decklists

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Decklists for those not making top 8

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UK Nationals – Top 8 Decklists

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Well 7 of them so far anyway

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Can people still see my sidebar/blogroll etc

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When I visit my Blog the sidebar isn’t showing. Is it the same for everyone else?

Quintessentially Quirky – The Helmets Take Manhatten

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Heres Garys tournament report from the UK Nationals along with his deck analysis of his BYOS Legend deck:

Quintessentially Quirky – The Helmets take Manhattan


(Well, London… and less take and more visit and get some photos….)


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What does everybody want?

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It would appear from a thread on Vs Realms that somebody has made a comment with regards my appearance resembling that of professional wrestler Al Snow. To be honest I find these comments extremely offensive, because I am in fact really Al Snow.

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